TAMCO International is a Non-Profit Organization that was established to solve major development issues within disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Our vision is to implement an educational training program using Technology, Agriculture and Music to teach our youth how to create and implement multiple sustainable projects.

Our goal is to launch several programs across multiple communities in which we invite disadvantaged youths from the area to come and participate in an educational training program.

TamCo’s Belief In Community

Our belief is that through “The Art of Many Communities” (TAMCO), we can effect change worldwide. As each sector of each community bands together, only then can we truly impact lives in our communities and across the world.



TAMCO’s Mission is to unify communities to provide a sustainable Technology, Agriculture & Music based initiative. This initiative will provide a platform to educate and empower the youth to change the overall living conditions and future of disadvantaged communities worldwide.







Contact Us

For More Information on our Projects, Volunteering & Sponsorships:

Email – Info@TamCoInternational.com